meI am a journalist writing primarily about agriculture for newspapers for the past 35 years. Before that… I milked cows, tended calves and graded beef cattle for auction market reports. I am also a mother and grandmother with three grown children: a teacher, restaurateur and homemaker. Our two sons and one daughter all like to cook! I also enjoy photography on a personal and professional basis. “Growing the Land” is my blog concept offering stories and photos of the people and places behind the food we eat and for commentary on food / farm issues as well as the occasional food tip or recipe from our families to yours. Stop by from time to time, or sign up for email notification of new blog posts. And feel free to share.

See you down the road…
Sherry Bunting (aka agrite/agmoos/AgSher)

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  1. Sherry, Thank you for your clear and convincing statements on dairy promotion and the FMMO commentary. I was so glad to meet you back at the National Dairy Economists and Policy Analysts meeting in Buffalo. You should have been one of the speakers!! Best, Jenny

    Dumping milk is not my cup of tea and co-operatives need to get their “house in order” by speaking frankly to their members, outlining just what the cost of over-production means to the viability of the co-op. We must think long and hard about building more capacity (more equity deducts), until we are sure we have the market for more milk. I am finally seeing some movement in that direction.


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