‘Little Madison’ was big winner for exhibitors of first annual Dairyland Classic in Georgia

Dairyland Classic co-superintendent Jay Moon of Moon Farms (left) displays the commemorative milk can painted by Debbie Cornman, Boiling Springs, Pa. Show superintendent Carol Williams of WDairy is pictured congratulating Jacob Johns of Chapel Hill, Tenn., winner of the jackpot showmanship contest with 39 entries judged by the supreme showmanship winners. Photo by Katie Williams

By Sherry Bunting, Farmshine, October 16 and 23, 2020

MADISON, Ga. — Georgia dairy producers Carol Williams of WDairy, and Jay Moon of Moon Dairy, heard in mid-June of fall show cancellations after already losing the spring shows to Covid, they knew they had to do something. They put together a small committee with Carol serving as show superintendent and Jay as co-superintendent and started raising funds.

“The response from companies was overwhelming,” says Carol. “Once we had the funding coming in, we knew we would have the draw in premiums. The generous sponsorships included some very good premiums and prizes.”

The first annual Dairyland Classic was born in Madison, Georgia — held Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 at the Morgan County Ag Center – and dubbed by exhibitors as ‘Little Madison.’

In addition to cash awards, companies gave semen certificates, services, halters, products… “We got money and goodies for the exhibitors,” Carol explains.

The three-months of planning turned into a big event attracting 80 exhibitors, 222 entries from 8 southeastern states clear up to Pennsylvania — many making it double as a vacation, enjoying the southern charm and historic district of Madison, Georgia with its rich agricultural history.

Carol and Jay say their committee was fortunate to bring in Kevin Lutz of Treasure Chest Jerseys, Lincolntown, North Carolina to judge five breeds — Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein (Black and Red combined), and Jersey.

Photo by Katie Williams

They decorated for the feel of a party, setting up tables and chairs for people to visit. They had a macaroni and cheese supper followed by an ice cream social on opening night.

“We easily fed over 150 people,” Carol relates. “The milk, cheese and ice cream were all donated by local creameries.”

Facebook comments were glowing. Participants commented that it felt like they stepped out of the truck after a long drive hauling their animals to find southern hospitality to the max.

“That’s what we wanted,” says Carol. “With the tents and the lights and the atmosphere, we had fun.”

‘Friday night lights’ under the tents at the Ag Center in Madison, Georgia. A committee of five, headed by Carol Williams and Jay Moon spent three months planning and pulling off the first annual Dairyland Classic Sept. 30-Oct. 3, attracting roughly 80 exhibitors from 8 states, 222 entries and 176 show animals arriving at the barn in five breeds for the opportunity to show and enjoy plenty of ‘southern hospitality.’ Photo by Katie Williams

The work paid off. For many of the breeders and exhibitors traveling up to 12 hours to get there, this was their first show of the year. In a normal year, they would have been to five or six shows by October. And this one was memorable.

In addition to type classes for juniors and open combined, as well as showmanship, the Dairyland Classic featured a jackpot showmanship class for youth 16 and up. They could show with their own animal or borrow one. The entry fee was $25 — winner-take-all.

“We had 39 people in the jackpot,” Jay relates. “The youth who won supreme showmanship were the jackpot judges. It was a fun event. The jackpot turned out to be $860. We turned over the whole amount, put it in a milk bottle engraved with our Dairyland Classic logo,” and it all went to the winner – Jacob Johns, a college student from Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

This first annual Dairyland Classic was held during the week that would have been World Dairy Expo in the other Madison — Wisconsin — earning it the nickname ‘Little Madison.’

“We know we’ll pick a different week for next year, but this show will go on. People enjoyed it,” Jay says. “From the planning to the actual event, it felt good to bring the dairy industry together, and know for some it might be the only show they get this year, that makes it all worthwhile.”

“Seeing the happiness on the faces of participants, the joy of getting into the show ring from little bitty kids to senior citizen showmen, some saying ‘we still got to go to Madison this year,’ that was satisfying,” Carol relates.

The Dairyland Classic was open to anyone, and early on they had entries and interest from the Midwest, but then the North American Open was moved from mid-October in western New York to Circleville, Ohio and falling then on the same week as the Classic in Georgia.

As superintendent, Carol throws her passion for youth and agriculture into everything she does. She and her husband Everett have long been involved with children and now grandchildren in 4-H, and Carol is instrumental in the family’s 1700-cow dairy farm and its growth over the years.

She serves as president of the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation and chairman of the the Morgan County Agriculture Center Authority, to keep the dairy programs going. Serving on the board of directors for the Georgia Junior Livestock Foundation and the Georgia Cattlewomen Association, she gives the dairy industry a face and voice.

As co-superintendent of the show, Jay is instrumental on his family’s Moon Dairy, milking 120 Holsteins in a grazing operation. His youth experiences led him to University of Georgia earning a degree in Agriculture Education, and he splits his time between the home farm, managing the county agricultural center, and working in extension as 4-H AmeriCorps Service Member.

Also serving on the show committee were Kimberly Bragg, a Jersey breeder from Millen, Katelin Benkoski of Madison, and Katie Williams, Madison. Katie and Katelin did some of the show photography, and the show committee had cow photographer Frank Robinson on site to do cow portraits.

Photos by Frank Robinson

After placing all five breed shows, Judge Kevin Lutz named the Holstein grand champion, Pop-A-Top Rocket 1289, as supreme champion. The aged cow exhibited by Carter Major of Lebanon, Tenn. was also supreme bred and owned.

Carter Major of Lebanon, Tenn. with his grand champion Holstein. The aged cow was supreme champion and supreme bred and owned of the show.

Reserve grand champion Holstein was the four-year-old Archival Rae 2-ET shown by Conrad Horst, Millen, Ga. From South Carolina, Elisabeth Lark’s spring yearling Car-J Diamondback Barbie was junior champion. 

Breed grand champions from left, Carter Major with his Holstein Pop-A-Top Rocket 1289, Jayme Ozburn at the halter of his brother Forest’s Jersey OBJ Applejack Julep, Stephen Terhune with his Guernsey Jastes Hayden Almond, Whitney Keith with her Brown Swiss Horseshow Hill Birthday ET and Jennifer Blankenship at the halter of Neal Smith’s Ayrshire Lazy M Gentle Lady GaGa-ET.

Showing the reserve junior champions in both Holstein and Brown Swiss competition was Caitie Collier, Harrodsburg, Ky. with her Holstein winter calf KA-Buck Bemer Crizal and Brown Swiss winter yearling Triple C Bodacious Bree. 

Whitney Keith of Franks Farm, Lenox, Ga. exhibited Horseshow Hill Birthday ET, the Brown Swiss grand champion. Her winter calf, Crows Nest Posse Persnicka was junior champion. Reserve grand honors and best bred and owned went to Jacob Johns, LazyJ Farms, Chapel Hill, Tenn. for his four-year-old LIF Seamans Coll Party.

Jersey classes were the largest. Forest Ozburn, Lewisburg, Tenn. had grand champion and best bred and owned with three-year-old OBJ Applejack Julep. He also had reserve junior champion with his fall calf OBJ Mr. Swagger Pandora. 

Reserve grand in the Jersey show was a fall milking yearling, South Mountain Chrome Renegade ET, shown by Hobbs Lutz of Her-Man Jerseys, Chester, S.C. The top Jersey heifer was Heart & Soul Fizz Flame, a spring yearling shown by Austin Baker, Pride Rock Farms, Staley, N.C.

A pair of four-year-olds topped the Ayrshire show. Neal Smith of Smyrna, Tenn. had the grand champion Lazy M Gentle Lady GaGa-ET, while Auburn Strange of Stell’R Genetics, Ky. showed the reserve grand JCC Dreamer Hilary. 

The top two Ayrshire heifers were both bred and owned by Georgia Hazelwood, LaFollette, Tenn. The junior champion was her spring calf Hidden-Springs Kingsire Jinger also earning best bred-and-owned of the Ayrshire show. Her winter calf Hidden-Springs Kingsire Jewell was reserve heifer.

In the Guernsey show, Stephen Terhune, Locust Hill Farm, Winchester, Ky. had grand champion with his aged cow Jastes Hayden Almond. Hobbs Lutz, Chester, S.C. garnered reserve grand and best bred-and-owned with two-year-old Walnut Ridge Jackpot Stan ET. His winter calf Dairyman Beaver 4589 Norda ET was junior champion. Hickman Valleys Light Garfield, the homebred fall calf of Mike Hickman of Shelbyville, Tenn. was reserve junior champion.

Supreme showmanship honors went to Tennesseans Forest Ozburn and Carter Major, as champion and reserve, respectively. Ruth Adkins, York, S.C. placed third, Caeden and Colton Swartz, Senoia, Ga. fourth and fifth, respectively, and Jaylee Bennett, Millen, Ga. placed sixth.

Kevin Lutz of Treasure Chest Jerseys, Lincontown, North Carolina judged all five breeds at the Dairyland Classic. Photo by Katelin Benkoski

Carol and Jay say having Judge Lutz was a key to the event’s success. Lutz and his family milk 150 registered Jerseys at Treasure Chest Jersey Farms. Dairy farming and Jersey cows have been part of the Lutz family since the 1890’s, and in recent years they have exported genetics to many countries. Lutz has judged prestigious shows around the world. 

Lutz twice judged The All-American, The Jersey Jug and Western National as well as over 18 state fairs and internationally in Australia, Italy, and Argentina.

Carol and Jay are also grateful to the many companies and individuals in the southeast dairy farming community for generous contributions making the Classic a successful event for cattle breeders and exhibitors from Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and Pennsylvania. 

Sponsors are highlighted in the show book and on the Dairyland Classic Facebook page (@GeorgiaDairylandClassic) where more photos and information can be found.

Juniors and adults competed together in one open show with Lutz placing all classes. The top three in each class by breed, follow.


Spring Calves: 1. Hidden Springs Kingsire Jinger (jr. champion, best bred-owned), Georgia Hazelwood, TN.

Winter Calves: 1. Hidden-Springs Kingsire Jewell (res. jr. champion), G. Hazelwood, 2. Lazy M Kingsire Tiffany, Neal Smith, TN, 3. Stell’R Hilary’s HellYeah, Auburn Strange, KY.

Fall Calves: 1. Stell’R Berkely Ziggy, A. Strange, 2. Destiny Pred Bella Sera-ET, Russell Isley, SC.

Spring Yearlings: 1. Stell’R B Zinnia, A. Strange, 2. Blue-Spruce B-King Bonnie-ET, Russell Isley, 3. Hickman Valley Raney Daisey, N. Smith.

Winter Yearlings: 1. JCC Reagan Mabel, Strange, 2. Lazy M Gentle Shantel, G. Hazelwood, 3. Hickman Valleys Raney Daffodil, N. Smith.

Two-year-olds: 1. Ollie Hilary’s Hellcat, A. Strange.

Four-year-olds: Lazy M Gentle Lady GaGa-ET (grand champion), N. Smith.

Aged Cow: 1. JCC Dreamer Hilary (res. champion), A. Strange.

Breeders Group: Auburn Strange.


Spring Calves: 1. Hidden Springs Victoria, G. Hazelwood, 2. Crows Nest Candie Onyx, Whitney Keith, GA.

Winter Calves: 1. Crows Nest Posse Persnicka (jr. champion), W. Keith, 2. Triple C Moonlight Dixie, Caitie Collier, KY, 3. T&T FMS Sterling Reilly, Heath McGaha, NC.

Fall Calves: 1. Crows Nest W Birthday Party, W. Keith, 2. T&T FMS Eason Saylor OCS, H. McGaha, 3. Fairdale Easton Wilma, Attie Taylor, KY.

Spring Yearlings: 1. Kruses GK Joshua Jordan, Addison Major, TN, 2. Gearars Strykern Jangle, Abby Joyner, GA, 3. Gearharts Pass Joyful, A. Joyner.

Winter Yearlings: 1. Triple C Bodacious Bree (res. jr. champion), C. Collier, 2. Siegerts Joshua Dispan, Jacob Johns, TN, 3. T&T FMS Sterling Echo, H. McGaha.

Fall Yearlings: Triple C Protege Precious, C. Collier, 2. LIF Party and Parkers M&M, J. Johns, 3. T&T FMS Kingpin Peyton, H. McGaha.

Two-year-olds: 1. DSKM Thunder Somnium, Hannah Henson, SC.

Three-year-olds: 1. Siegerts Braiden Porsha, Carter Major, TN, 2. T&T FMS Pegasus Raelee, H. McGaha, 3. Crowsnest WF Birthdaygirl, W. Keith.

Four-year-olds: 1. LIF Seamans Coll Party (res. champion, best bred-owned), J. Johns, 2. T&T FMS Bosephus Skye, H. McGaha.

Aged Cows: Horseshow Hill Birthday ET (grand champion), W. Keith.

Breeders Group of 5: 1. Whitney Keith, 2. Heath McGaha.


Spring Calves: 1. SC Sunny Day Beau Star, Hobbs Lutz, SC, 2. Hickman Valleys Legend Truth, Mike Hickman, TN.

Winter Calves: 1. Dairyman Beaver 4589 Norda ET (jr. champion), H. Lutz, 2. Hickman Valleys Luxury Jaycie, M. Hickman, 3. Hickman Valleys Luxury Tori, N. Smith.

Fall Calves: 1. Hickman Valleys Light Garfield (res. jr. champion), M. Hickman, 2. Kelly’s Reno Layla, Charlie Kelly, SC.

Summer Yearling: 1. Kelly’s Reno Lula, C. Kelly.

Spring Yearlings: 1. Kelly’s Ladysman Trinity, Ruthie Adkins, SC.

Winter Yearlings: 1. Jastes Randa Boo, Stephen Terhune, KY, 2. Springhill Mentor January, H. Lutz.

Fall Yearlings: 1. Kelly’s Legend Lyla, C. Kelly, 2. Twins Ridge Ladysman Maple, H. Henson.

Two-year-olds: 1.Walnut Ridge Jackpot Stan ET (res. champion and best bred-owned), H. Lutz, 2. Green Slopes A1 Brooklyn, Macy McDonald Walason, PA.

Three-year-olds: 1. Springhill GG Priceline, M. Walason, 2. Green Slopes A1 Noelle, M. Walason.

Aged Cows: 1. Jastes Hayden Almond (grand champion), S. Terhune, 2. Green Slopes Aristocrat Maybelle and 3. HI Field Big Ben Blossom, both exhibited by M. Walason


Spring Calves: 1. Mats Uno Beemer Vivian, Ella Gilmore, TN, 2. Hobbs Deceiver Cookie, H. Lutz, 3. Miss Liz Atwood Annie, Elisabeth Lark, SC.

Winter Calves: 1. KA-Buck Bemer Crizal (res. jr. champion), C. Collier, 2. T&T FMS Defiant Bristol-Red, H. McGaha, 3. Pop-A-Top Tattoo Tonya-ET, Carter Major.

Fall Calves: Ms-Aol Jordy Revamp-Red, by C. Collier, 2. MS Doorman Viola, E. Gilmore, 3. Crowsnest DB Rosa, W. Keith.

Summer Yearlings: 1. Pop-A-Top Jizz Sister, C. Major, 2. Ash-Go Delight Moonpie, Ashlee Godbee, GA, 3. Rocky-Tp Solomon Axle-ET, Mary Helen Coble, GA.

Spring Yearlings: 1. Car-J Diamondback Barbie (jr. champion), E. Lark, 2. Canary Crush Aplen, Charlotte Canary, NC, 3. Crows Nest A Sunny-Red ET, W. Keith.

Winter Yearlings: 1. Mats-Uno Apple Crisp Ruth-Red, E. Gilmore, 2. Pop-A-Top Diamondback Ace, C. Major, 3. Miss Liz Beemer Callie, E. Lark.

Two-year-olds: 1. Pop-A-Top Kingboy Trina, Addison Major, TN, 2. Stunning J Sundrop-Red, W. Keith, 3. Ja Bob Cuda Harmony, Reagan Britt, GA.

Three-year-olds: 1. BJ’s Clark Kent, Hunter Swartz, GA, 2. BJ’s Rager Ryot-Red, Caeden Swartz.

Four-year-olds: 1. Archival Rae 2-ET (res. grand champion), Conrad Horst, GA.

Aged Cows: 1. Pop-A-Top Rocket 1289 (grand champion, best bred-owned, supreme), Carter Major.


Spring Calves: 1. Her-Man Video Bella, Clara Lynn Evans, SC, 2. Cherub Chrome Skype, Major Bond, NC, 3. Monciers SD Bluebird, Lilly Gray, NC.

Winter Calves: OBJ Gentry Posie, Forest Ozburn, TN, 2. Underground Natasha Noa-ET, Anna Coble, GA, 3. DKG VIP Margie, Austin Baker, NC.

Fall Calves: OBJ Mr. Swagger Pandora (res. jr. champion), F. Ozburn, 2. Tierneys Victorious Lively, Jaylee Bennett, GA, 3. Her-Man Victorious Davina, Caroline Wilks, SC.

Summer Yearlings: 1. Steel-Lane Andreas Berry, Wayne Lutz, SC, 2. OmaBraggin Victorious Finish, J. Bennett, 3. Avon Road VIP Venture, M. Bond.

Spring Yearlings: 1. Heart & Soul Fizz Flame-ET (jr. champion), A. Baker, 2. Deerview Chrome Cod, W. Lutz, 3. OBJ Gentry Ava, F. Ozburn.

Winter Yearlings: 1. Her-Man Swagger Dreamy, H. Lutz, 2. OmaBraggin Showdown So Fearless, J. Bennett, 3. Heart & Soul Fizz Felicity-ET, A. Baker.

Fall Yearlings: 1. Rokey Benfer Casino Adrina-ET, C. Evans, 2. Suess Craze Reva, Noel Pickel, GA.

Fall Yearlings in Milk: 1. South Mountain Chrome Renegade ET (res. champion), H. Lutz, 2. Cherub Rockstar Plymoth, M. Bond, 3. River Valley 1801, Mackenzie Jones, GA.

Two-year-olds: 1. Her-Man Colton Fobia, H. Lutz, 2. OBJ Tequila Jacklyn, F. Ozburn, 3. Cherup Colton Naomi, M. Bond.

Three-year-olds: 1. OBJ Applejack Julep (grand champion, best bred-owned), F. Ozburn, 2. BRJ Dazzler Mint, H. Lutz, 3. Avon Road Scout Vivian-ET, M. Bond.

Four-year-olds: 1. OmaBraggin Windstar Funny, Obrien Bragg, GA, 2. TK-ENT-In Vancouver, M. Bond, 3. Peelers Megtron Trouble 1519, H. Swartz.

Aged Cows: 1. Her-Man Irwin Dazzle, H. Lutz, 2. Ollie Madman Satin, A.Strange.

Breeders Herd of 5: 1. Her-Man Jerseys, 2. Forest Ozburn, 3. Major Bond.

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