APRIL IS KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL month. Bet you didn’t know that. Remember the old commercials and the Native American with a tear in his eye?

We just don’t see the emphasis on this anymore.

While photographing this eagle in flight at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area this recently, I was disheartened to see roadside trash and rubbish along our driving and walking route.

Farmers also deal with the effects of littering when they harvest hay or silage as feed for their cattle and other livestock and find it has roadside rubbish, bottles, cans and plastic mixed in, causing costly machinery repairs and animal health problems if ingested.

Trash in any area attracts rodents and pathogenic activity as well. Broken glass and other sharp objects are also dangerous to people and animals.
Did you know that plastics and styrofoam can not only cause birds, wildlife and farm animals to choke, it can also lay undigested for a long time in the digestive tract causing illness and even death?
When I see dirty diapers, bottles, cans, fast food bags, cups, old furniture, old appliances, and even full garbage bags of trash strewn alongside a road or walking path, I feel as though this can’t be some poor soul who has no other way to dispose of his/her trash, but just chooses to be thoughtless.
I feel that Indian’s teardrop for the careless, thoughtless, cruel, and ugly act to care so little about the world around you…


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